The Tour of Europe 2023

I got Home today after a 6 show tour in Europe!  I played at a Festival in the Czech Republic, An art space/hall/restaurant in Holland, and a vegan restaurant/market, a restaurant/club/performance space, a language school and a restaurant/pub in Germany!  And to top it all off, an open mic in London!  I will put some photos up as soon as I can.  Perhaps a sound clip if I can fix the quality.  Stay tuned.  

The first ½ of the tour was good.  The second ½ was fantastic!  There were times I thought that I was dreaming, but it was reality.  Thank you to everyone who came to listen to Leland Sundries and myself!  

I thought Leland and I made a pretty good musical team.  Usually, I would play a set with Leland backing me up on guitar and harmonica.  Then, Leland would play his set with me backing him up on guitar.  I thought it made our sound more powerful that the usual singer/songwriter sound.  

I thank the people who came out to listen to us.  I thank the people who booked us and those who booked us and fed us.  

I look forward to hitting the road again sometime.  But I won't do it until I have a new record out.  I'm going to start preparing to record ASAP!

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